I went to the beach today at around 16:00 (4 PM) after having moderated all of your comments on my previous post “Safari for Windows, 0day exploit in 2 hours“. When I got back just now at 21:00 (9 PM) this site was no longer serving any content and a lot of people had mailed me to complain.

I am running WordPress and it was not all too happy about the abundance of visitors that came by my site today. In the last 12 hours more than 30.000 unique visitors generated more than 180.000 hits, which is quite a jump from my normal rate of 500 unique visitors per day. I guess you people like to read about security research, especially Slashdot, TechMeme and Reddit :)

Luckily I had the support of a great technical team, namely Tyron from HostGator.com where my site is hosted. After a brief live chat the site was back up and running just fine. I’m amazed at the level of support I have received so far from HostGator and am only happy to recommend them through the previous link (yes, it’s an affiliate signup).

So what happens next? First of all, I have read through all of your feedback about the PoC exploit and will do some tests on OS X tomorrow that will result in a positive or negative verification about whether the vulnerability can be adjusted to work on OS X as well.

Following that, I will continue to write about my security research and publish any new findings here – so remember to subscribe to my feed :)